apprentices / trainees

start your new career path

Are you looking to start a new trade career path? Ever thought about an Apprenticeship or Traineeship? Want to know more about a particular trade or do you want a trade but want to finish your schooling? Then this is a great place to start. This page contains some important information that you may not have known about apprenticeships.

Who can become an apprentice?

There is a lot of stereo-typing around apprentices. An apprenticeship can only be undertaken by a young male school leaver that didn't enjoy school, right? Wrong. Almost anyone can be an apprentice, both male and female and of virtually any age and industry. Apprentices can range from the ages of 15 up to 60+ years.

Still in School? We are a firm believer in finishing your education. So as a result, we offer school-based apprenticeships on some trades, which allows you to complete your schooling, but still get started on your trade of choice which may knock some time off the end of your apprenticeship once you have finished school.

Already working in a trade but don’t have your qualifications? Not a problem. In most cases you can even be an existing employee at a business and undertake an apprenticeship. Give us a call and we can arrange for one of our consultants to come out to your place of business and talk to your employer about the benefits of having an apprentice.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can also be used in some cases. For more information about RPL, please contact our Swan Hill office and we can have one of our consultants discuss whether RPL can apply to you and your situation.