What is Labour Hire?

On-hired workers are workers employed and paid by a company which requires them to undertake the majority of their tasks or functions for a host or client company, usually under the host company's direction.

What are the benefits of Labour Hire?

But you know how to complete the task to ensure your business is producing/running smoothly. 

With our vast experience in these issues and the knowledge and expertise to help you with complete workplace solutions your business will benefit from reduced administration and unit labour costs. And you are safe in the knowledge that experts are looking after your employees and keeping up-to-date with all the legal requirements. 

Our services are charged out at an hourly rate, which will help you avoid any of those extra "hidden costs" when employing your own staff. 

Contact a Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd consultant with your requirements and they will endeavour to place the right person with you. 

You can contact us for more information or to discuss your Labour Hire needs on (03) 5033 1216.