Code of Conduct

1. Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd (MMTC Ltd.) shall at all times act with an ethical manner and integrity in dealings with all clients and members of the community.

2. Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd shall adopt such policies and practices to ensure the quality of vocational education and training programs offered are relevant and in accordance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of:

  • Commonwealth/State Legislation and Regulatory Requirements
  • Group Training Registration Scheme

 3. Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd will ensure:

  • All activities will be carried out honestly, fairly and accurately so as to give value to our clients
  • The provision of adequate facilities and quality resources in which to conduct Group Training business
  • The employment of qualified staff and maintenance of staff training sufficient to deliver effective service on an on-going basis
  • The accuracy of any marketing and promotional advertising material
  • High standards of financial probity
  • Compliance with EEO & WH&S/OH&S and Duty of Care legislation
  • Compliance with current Harrassment, Discrimination and Grievance requirements
  • The maintenance of adequate records and security of all current and archival records
  • Client access to their records upon request
  • The maintenance and continual improvement of a Quality System.

4. Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd undertakes to ensure that all employees, agents and representatives are familiar with and agree to comply with the Code of Practice.

5. Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd shall refrain from associating with any enterprise which could be regarded as acting in breach of this Code of Practice.


Reece ASbA Program Information
Earn While You Learn
Reece and Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd have developed an Australian School based Apprenticeship Program (ASbA)



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