ASbA Program:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in Campbell's training & completion of the above certificate. It is a wonderful program and a fantastic initiative by Murray Mallee in conjunction with Reece. It has certainly been a great experience for Campbell and everyone at Reece Fairfield should be commended for the way in which you have all welcomed him and involved him in the day workings of the Store. He has learnt plenty and had fun being part of the team.

Thanks also to Montmorency Secondary College, under the guidance of Michael Weeding who steered Campbell in the direction of this opportunity.

Whilst Campbell's plans going forward at this stage are as yet unknown, all that he has learnt at Reece will stand him in good stead. I for one am very sorry to see the program come to the end, he has attended at every opportunity with a positive and happy attitude. 

I thank you all.


My son is 17 years old. He works for Reece Rowville as a trainee and is trained by Murray Mallee Training Company. Two years ago, we were in despair. Our 15-year son was refusing to attend school, turned over three schools in a period of 3 months. He was hanging around the wrong crowd, running away from home, hanging around the streets, sleeping goodness knows where, suffering from low self-esteem, melancholy and drinking. We were simply devastated as parents. Middle class, tertiary educated, teetotallers and in professional careers, we were totally out of our comfort zone.

I poured out my heart to a neighbour at a party who unbeknownst to me works at East, with whom Reece has a partnership. She said "Right, I will sort him. We will find him work. What does he want to do?" I said, "He wants to become a plumber". Loretta Goldsmith got Bryce an interview. It did not go well. While Bryce was built like an 18-year-old, he was only 15. Reece gave him a chance though - a two-week trial. After one-week Reece offered Bryce a traineeship. I will be forever grateful to Reece for that one chance. Your people are amazing. I am sitting here with tears running down my face as I write this.

You built up his confidence and self-esteem. Bryce had a reason to get up in the morning and up in the morning he got. Every morning to my utter amazement, at 7am he got up to shower and be at work at 8am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Bryce left his old gang and reconnected with school friends. He went back to playing footy. He got home from work exhausted, too tired to do anything but go to bed. He talked to us again. Bryce also had to go back to school as part of the deal and back to school he went, firstly year 10, now year 11. He also studied his Cert 2 in plumbing on Wednesday. No more wild parties, he was not drunk again.

He is so amazing now; you have offered him a permanent role but he still wants to be a plumber. Bryce saved most of the money he earns and loves Reece with a passion. Through contacts he made at Reece with plumbers, he has had a trial pre-apprenticeship, Reece let him have two weeks off work to participate. Bryce has been offered the apprenticeship he has always wanted. I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are. Reece is truly like a family company (Reece is family says Bryce). I come from a trade family and am very comfortable with tradies, but the passion and commitment of your people, the way you promote from within, the quality of your products (which we have bought and love) is bar none. Bryce has made lifelong friends with his older colleagues, many of whom you have also promoted from within as trainees to managers.

As a General Manager of People and Culture with many years of experience, I stand in awe of your company. The engagement and commitment of your people is fabulous, the training you have committed to changes lives, gives young people profound hope and purpose in life. I would LOVE to work for Reece one day and am now a lifelong fan and customer. Thank you, Reece, from the bottom of my heart, from my family to yours. You have truly changed a life. Thank you and if you ever want me to speak at a staff conference for the difference that you make, I am yours. A very grateful Mum.

Thera Storie
General Manager
People & Culture .


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Reece and Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd have developed an Australian School based Apprenticeship Program (ASbA)



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