training services

Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd has been a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) since 1996, providing Nationally Accredited Training to Apprentices and Trainees in Victoria and New South Wales. Qualifications ranging from Certificate II to IV are available for a diverse range of Business and Industry including:

general construction

transport & logistics


business administrator





Programs are designed and wherever possible facilities set up to enhance flexibility of delivery in order to maximise the opportunity for access and participation by disadvantaged students.

Your Training Consultant can assist you in the sourcing of appropriate support service providers that may help you overcome barriers and/or personal issues.

Should you and your employer decide to select MMTC Ltd as your Training Provider, a Training Consultant will visit you to discuss the Training Program in more detail including the development of a Training Plan, identification of any required off-the-job training, Assessment Methods and their frequency.

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