student enrolment fees - rto number: 3974

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide an understanding for the application of tuition fees for individuals enrolling into training programs with MMTC Ltd’s RTO.

MMTC’s Fees and Charges Schedule will apply from 1st January, 2024 and is applicable to all enrolments in Government Funded Training Programs.

This schedule may be changed from time to time in consideration of Ministerial Directions regarding the application of Fees and Charges.

MMTC Ltd does not charge fees in advance.  All fees are charged and collected at/after enrolment.
MMTC Ltd does not charge any other fees then those listed below for Government Subsidised Training.
MMTC Ltd does not charge fees in excess of $1500 in any one year.

Payment of Fees:
All fees are payable within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

Calculation of Fees for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):
MMTC Ltd may apply a charge for any assessment conducted as RPL only if the assessment is conducted at the request, or with consent of the student.  A fee will be determined at the time of request in consideration of the application.

victorian fees

Calculation of Fees:
For each enrolment a tuition fee will apply by calculating the total number of scheduled hours of government funded training which a person enrols to undertake in each calendar year training is to be delivered.  Refer to Tuition Fee Schedule below.

Concession Tuition:
For enrolments in courses at the Certificate IV level and below, MMTC Ltd will charge the concession fee to an individual who, prior to the commencement of training, holds a current and valid:

tuition fee schedule

2024 Tuition Fee Schedule for enrolments in courses that commence on or after 1st January, 2024.

NOTE:  Costs are calculated for ‘Eligible Individuals’ under the Victorian Government Skills First Program. 

Course Title Certificate Level Tuition Fee per Hour Concession Fee Nominal Hour Range
Agriculture II & III $2.17 $0.44 370-1680
Horticulture II & III $2.17 $0.44 560-1460
Automotive II & III $2.17 $0.44 275-1360
Business II, III & IV $2.17 $0.44 365-665
Construction II & III $2.17 $0.44 712-1246
Engineering II & III $2.17 $0.44 390-1000
Retail II & III $2.17 $0.44 420-535
Transport & Logistics II & III $2.17 $0.44 570-840

NSW fees

Fees are payable per training year or part thereof calculated on a pro-rata basis as per the Smart & Skilled Guidelines.

Fee Exemptions: